Sunday, July 12, 2009

Editorial: Stupid Damn Apple iPhone Commerical

I have to step off the wagon for a moment to bitch about something irritating the living shit out of me: The latest Apple commercial for the iPhone. This is the one that brags about being able to copy and paste crap from one place to another. Such as phone numbers into emails, and so on.

Really? For real?!!

I've been doing that on my cheap, crappy old Blackberry for years. YEARS!!!! God damn years!!!

I have to assume Steve Jobs wasn't consulted about this idea before it went to press. I can't believe he would have consented to it. Of all the cool, innovative things the iPhone can do, copy-and-paste is an embarrassing late-comer to the party. Why would they make a whole commercial for just that one thing? What next, a commercial that they finally got a multi-button mouse?

Yes, I know about the stupid-as-hell "mighty mouse" product. Ironic that I learned to use a computer in the 1980's using a 16-button digitizer mouse. It was fantastic! I could program the buttons to do everything I needed and it saved me a ton of time and effort. But Apple faggoty fans kept saying that a one-button cyclops mouse was "elegant" and "genius". Then the Mighty Mouse comes out and those same two-face bastards go on a back-patting spree with testimonials of how Apple re-innovated the concept of a multi-button mouse. Holy f-ing crap.

I like Apple.

I fucking hate Apple fans.

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