Saturday, November 28, 2009

SQL Script Exports

Until the day comes when Microsoft SQL Server SSMS provides the same info export features that PHPMyAdmin provides, we’re stuck with the right-click “Script-To…” feature (unless you buy a third-party utility, or write your own SMO or ADOX/ADO scripts, etc.), I tripped and fell over a rather simple feature that I didn’t know existed.  You can export multiple table schemas in one operation by simply clicking on the “Tables” object in the Object Explorer panel, then right-click and choose “Script-To: CREATE” and save to the clipboard/file/query window.  It works the same as individual exports, only that this does all of the Tables at once.  You can do the same by clicking on the “Views” object as well.

If you already knew this, just chuckle, shrug and blow it off and move on.  No harm done.  I wasn’t aware of this, so I figured at least one other person might not know this as well.

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