Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Script Tip: Determine the Script File Path

With BAT/CMD scripts you can simply prefix any path references with %~dps0 to get to things in the same location (folder/UNC) where the script itself resides.  So if you run..

start /wait %~dps0setup.exe /silent /norestart

It runs setup.exe from the same folder location. (that is not a typo, there should be NO space between the zero and the rest of the file path)

It's just as easy with KiXtart using the @scriptdir macro, but with VBscript it's not that simple.  But it's not difficult either…

scriptPath = Replace(Wscript.ScriptFullName, "\" & Wscript.ScriptName, "")

An example of running setup.exe in the same folder with VBscript might be…

filePath = scriptPath & "\setup.exe"
result = objShell.Run(filePath & " /silent /norestart", 7, True)

However, be careful to wrap paths in double-quotes if they contain spaces…

filePath = Chr(34) & scriptPath & "\setup.exe" & Chr(34)
result = objShell.Run(filePath & " /silent /norestart", 7, True)

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