Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stupid-Simple, Yet Useful VBScript Functions

Ok, technically some of these are not functions, they're subs (or subroutines), but who cares.  I don't know who invented them, but I've been using these for years and years.  I hope they're helpful to you as well…

Sub Echo(category, caption)
    wscript.echo Now & vbTab category & vbTab & caption
End Sub


Echo "info", "searching for wmi repository scope on remote computer…"

Echo "fail", "unable to connect to remote computer"

Function ScriptPath()
    ScriptPath = Replace(wscript.ScriptFullName, "\" & wscript.ScriptName, "")
End Function

Function IsWeekend(strDate)
    If Weekday(strDate)=1 Or Weekday(strDate)=2 Then
        IsWeekend = True
    End If
End Function

Function LeapYear(yr)
    Dim d1, d2
    d1 = FormatDateTime("1/1/" & yr)
    d2 = DateAdd("yyyy", 1, d1)
    If DateDiff("d", d1, d2) = 366 Then
        LeapYear = True
    End If
End Function

For i = 2004 to 2012
    If LeapYear(i) Then
        wscript.echo i & vbTab & "is a leap year"
        wscript.echo i & vbTab & "is not a leap year"
    End If

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